Residential Security

Special Events Security

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Our security officers are arrive in full class A uniforms and are fully trained in customer service. We provide officers for any event such as weddings, graduations, quinceaneras, family reunions, and many more. Call for a fast and easy quote.

Armed Patrol

Our company has a fleet of patrol cars that can monitor your property many times per night to insure that your property is safe from vandalism and unwanted guests that need to be removed from the property.


Our company currently holds large contracts with businesses that require extensive screening procedures. Our security officers are trained in using walk-through metal detectors, hand wands, x-ray machines and thermal body scanners.

If you need any private security services, contact Enhanced Security Solutions, Inc.. We proudly serve the Riverside, CA area, and provide commercial and residential security services. We also offer officer training if you are looking for a career as security guard.


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